Bridgeport Fish Report - Sept. 13, 2020

Kens Sporting Goods Staff

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East Walker River

Unfortunately the East is closed until further notice.

Sceirine Ranch

The Sceirine is still fishing pretty well, there’s been some good hopper and hopper/dropper action as well as good nymphing. The flows are still decent at about 93 cfs and the water temperatures have dropped a bit this past week. Some of the patterns that have been good this past week include parachute hopper, chubby Chernobyl, madam x, prince nymph, soft hackle, san juan worm, squirmy wormy, buckskin caddis and copper John.

Hunewill Pond

We haven’t had anyone on the pond for the last couple weeks, we’re kind of waiting on the weather to cool down a bit and when this happens the action should get better out there.

Bridgeport Reservoir

Bridgeport is still pretty tough though this weekend there have been a handful of nice fish being caught, some of them that we’ve heard about were also caught from shore. The surface temps have dropped almost 10 degrees this past week so as the water temps continue to drop the fishing should just keep getting better. The BFEF planted fish in there yesterday, the fish they put in were an average of about 4.5 lbs.

 Kirman Lake

Kirman is closed until further notice.      

Twin Lakes

Lower Twin is closed until further notice. Upper Twin remains open and they’ve been getting into some fish up there, I wouldn’t say it’s red hot but there are some fish being caught. The BFEF also planted a load of fish on the Upper Twin yesterday as well so we’ll probably be seeing some of those fish coming in pretty soon. Annetts Mono Village on the Upper Twin is still fully open, renting boats etc.

West Walker River

The West is closed until further notice.  

Virginia Lakes

The Virginia Lakes are closed until further notice.

 Random Information

All of the National Forest land as well as California state lands in the area have been closed, this means for everything, fishing, hunting, hiking, the works. With these closures fishing, camping and hunting opportunities have been drastically reduced. Basically what we have open in the Bridgeport area are: Upper Twin Lake is open for fishing and Annetts Mono Village is still fully open, Bridgeport Reservoir is open for fishing and The Bridgeport Reservoir Campground and Marina are fully open as well as Paradise Shores RV Park. The Virginia Creek Settlement and Willow Springs Campground are also still fully open. Most of the restaurants and motels and other businesses in town are also still open. We were understanding that the USFS was going to re-evaluate the closures Monday morning but just found out a few minutes ago that the re-evaluation has been backed up until Tuesday. We’ll try to keep you informed as best we can as things change.  

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Kens Sporting Goods Staff

Report Date:

Here's a little bit about what we know, basically all the waters on US Forest Service property in the area......

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