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I’d figure I’d put in a little update on the LT this week so that everyone knows where we’re at for the season. The flows out here have been a bit all over the place over the last week and we’ve seen it go from 45 CFS up to 60 a few times in the last few days. As of today it’s sitting at 65 and will likely continue to rise this week. In general this winter, they have been conservative with releases out of Stampede and it’s been averaging 45 CFS as they work on filling the reservoir. The Access is still limited to snowmobiles, cross-country skis or walking the road and using snowshoes off trail. While there may be a few ruts from people attempting to get back here, most of those that try don’t get very far before getting stuck. Don’t be that person. If you’re going to try and get back there, be smart and be prepared, as it is remote and there’s no cell service. Odds are this will be one of the few fisheries that will still fish well through this storm cycle, and with great risk can come great reward. If you aren’t feeling that adventurous, we are still at least a month out from standard passenger vehicle access out here, realistically probably closer to 2 months, so be patient, because when it does open up, we will see some exceptional fishing out here this year!

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