The East Walker is at 23% of normal flows for this time of year -- fishing will be tough this year

Reno Fly Fishing Outfitters

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The East Walker has come up to 140 CFS. Normal flows for this time of year are usually in the 150 CFS to 300 CFS range. The NWS report only has the East Walker at about 23% for normal flows this year. Bridgeport reservoir is at 37% of capacity. This is going to be a tough summer on the East Walker. Now is the time to go if you are going to get some time in on the East Walker this year.

140 CFS is a great flow given the above information. Fishing right now has been pretty good. There has been a pretty decent Caddis hatch in the evenings on the California side after the sun gets off the water. During the day Nymphing with Caddis Pupa in lighter colors has been very effective. On the Nevada side Dry dropper set-ups with a Stone fly or even a Hopper pattern and a Caddis or a San Juan Worm as a dropper is hard to beat. Another great way to fish the East Walker right now is to take two rods or two people. Start out with a dry and make a few casts around the edges, seams and shallow areas. Be careful approaching an area, you will be surprised at how many fish you spook. Set down the Dry fly rod and go back through with a nymph rig with a small Stonefly and a Caddis or San Juan dropper. The air temperatures are already affecting the water temperatures and the best time to fish is in the morning up until about lunch and then again at sunset.


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