Red Lake Ice Fishing Update

Tahoe Fly Fishing Staff

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Red Lakes has multiple inches of ice covered by multiple feet of Snow! We have been fishing Red Lakes since the first part of December and it continues to produce a pretty good size Lahontan Cutthroat Trout. Bring a shovel which will be needed to get through the layer of snow and then plan for about 8-12 inches of Ice to get through. (an Auger is a must and if you don’t have one, try bringing an extra six pack to bribe someone who does have one) You can also rent one from Tahoe Fly Fishing Outfitters.

We have been fishing within 10 to 50 feet of the dam face and doing best in about 4-8 foot of water. The best spots tend to be right in front of the Gun Turret stand, probably because that is the most convenient! Anywhere along the Dam area should be good. Some of the baits we have been doing well with are Bay Shrimp, Worms, Corn, Meal Worms, Power Bait, Salmon Eggs as well as Jigs bounced off the bottom. I like to use smaller pieces of bait, especially smaller pieces of Worm for best results.

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