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Conditions have improved as the flows have backed off to 200cfs. We have been having good success using streamers with sinking tip lines, & the “dip & strip” method. Ephemerella, commonly called Pale morning/evening duns the new mayfly kid on the block. You may also see some super sized mayflies called brown drakes. The nymphs are huge, & large Assassins, or FP PT’s will suffice for their profiles. This is caddis time on the MO. Have some #14/16 high-vis, or natural elk caddis imitations handy when it gets warm. The wild trout really focus on this cycle, and fly fishers who consistently get into double digit numbers in the wild trout section have BWO/PMD adult profiles in the #16/18 range, with nymphs like Assassins, flashback pheasant tails, & birds nest patterns for the periods before, & after the hatch. Small crystal olive caddis larva patterns, #20/22 gillies or crystal midge pupa/emerger imitations, & #18 broken back tiger or zebra midges are good calls for bottom bouncing. Have some parachute midge adult profiles if the fish get uppity, the fish will look for midge clusters if the caddis or May’s don’t come off. Streamer fishing is a good call for higher water levels found in the summer. Predatory fish take advantage of small baitfish that get washed into the stronger currents as they seek refuge in slower pools. Streamers are also a higher visibility pattern, & stand out amongst the debris that is associated with rising water levels. Drift boat trips have been fair/good with numbers of planted rainbows, and a few wild browns in the counts. Guided drift boat trips are a great way to get into secluded sections of the river, & fish the higher water levels. We fish streamers, casting sinking tip lines with a unique, user friendly method called the “dip & strip”. I strongly suggest this program for novices, and those wishing to learn how to fish streamers. Hot flies this week are smaller Punk Perch & Loebergs.

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