It’s a Day to Day Menu for the Fish Here

Tom Loe

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It can be punk perch one day, Assassins the next, and midges later in the day.  It’s a day to day menu for the fish here, although one constant are the large fish rolling tight against the weeds in the mornings.  This has been a fun period to fish a floating line with a long leader and a punk perch.  We have been getting some real quality trout this way when they are feeding just under the surface.  Later in the day, switching to indicators and hanging perch fry, assassins, and midges has been doing the trick.  Not every spot along the creek channels are holding fish, and using a good sonar to mark the concentrations has been the key.  If you are not getting into fish but others around you are, it may be time to move the boat.  Best depths have been from 6-14′ along Green Banks, Leighton Springs, Sandy Point, McGee Bay, and Crooked Creek.

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