Very Diverse Reports From the Pond this Week!

Jim Reid

Report Date:

Well, we had some very diverse reports from the pond this week, starting off we had some anglers who were unable to get into any trout but told us they caught lots of chubs, we’re not sure where the chubs came from but they are in the pond pretty thick right now.  We were pretty concerned about this report so when we had a couple more anglers heading out there two days later we talked with them about it and were interested to find out what happened for them.  When they came back they were all smiles, they were able to get into a bunch of trout and actually didn’t catch any chubs at all.  The following day we had another two anglers on the pond with the almost the same result, lots of trout and only 1 chub.  All three parties reported that the weeds are pretty thick but not so much as to be unfishable.  It sounds like the water temps are cooling down quite a bit but the damsels are still hatching.  The best patterns this week for most of the anglers were damsel nymphs, adult damsels, and hoppers on top.  The best fishing was done by casting the hoppers and adult damsels to rising fish.

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