Very Solid Up Here

Doug Rodricks

Report Date:

Very solid up here and the latest storm will definitely move more fish into the river. This has been the norm here with each passing storm. The snowbows have continued to push up river and congregate in the usual holding areas. The river is different from previous years, in that not all the usual areas are holding fish. We are finding new fish in some areas where they would never hold before. Covering water and knowing these zones will get you into them. It will get messy here soon with the new snowfall in the area. Be careful when driving in and out. There have been huge mud puddles on the access roads prior to the storms and many vehicles have required assistance getting un-stuck during the melt off periods. 6mm Otter Eggs in Tangerine Opaque, Kiwi Flash, Dead Egg, and Apricot, #14-16 San Juan worm red, #14-16 Level Crystal Leeches, #14-16 Parallel Assassin Dark and Light, and #16 Broken Back Copper Tiger Midge are lighting up the fish!

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