Mixed Reports From The River

Jim Reid

Report Date:


The flows on the East have been bumped up to about 300 cfs. We’ve been getting mixed reports from the river at this flow, some anglers are reporting good times with 10 to 15 fish per day while others are struggling a little with only a couple fish per day. It’s very important at this flow and higher to add sufficient weight to get your flies down near the bottom where the fish are hanging out, this is probably one of the most difficult things to achieve when the flows are a bit higher. If you can do this and get good solid dead drifts you should be able to have some success. The wading is a bit harder of course at the higher flow so be careful when you’re in the water. The Rosachi section in Nevada is also fishing pretty well and is usually a little less crowded.

Recommended Flies:
Rubberlegs, rainbow warrior, silver streak, micro stone, poxyback stone, Darth baetis, pheasant tail, aggravator prince, dark lord, radiation baetis, prince nymphs, san juan worm, zebra midge, top secret midge, flashback emerger,  sculpzilla, peanut envy, dali lama, zuddler, double bunny, dead drift crayfish. 

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