LCT Spawn is Still Ongoing

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The LCT spawn is still ongoing at the lake. Fish are shallow and cruising in schools. Some of these shallow fish are willing to eat, but they are few and far between. The fish holding off of drop offs more willing to feed. These are the ones you want to cast to.

Weather has been beautiful, sunny and clear skies. This has made fishing more difficult. Fishing early and/or late has been the most productive. When the weather works fishing from a float tube or boat is a good approach to access deeper water. Using slip indicators is crucial when fishing at depths over 20 ft.

The Tui-Chub are starting their spawn and once the water temps hit the low sixties they will come into shallower water. Suspending balanced leeches and midges under an indicator at these shallower depths will be a good approach.

Flies We Suggest: Holo Midge (wine/copper, brown/copper, black/silver), Marabou Midge, Balanced Leech (peacock,diablo,olive), Cat Whisker Booby, Spanish Olive Booby Midnight Cowboy

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