The Bite is in Full Swing

Doug Rodricks

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The bite is in full swing as we are now finally able to make the transition from deep water to shallow channel fishing. It has been a pleasure to rig up a 13′ leader again after going over 20′ for the last few months. Heavy damselfly migrations have some real lunkers busting the surface throughout McGee Bay as the annual migration of fish move into the bay from the depths. Fishing in the deeper water is still producing some nice fish and they are eating everything from midges to perch fry imitations to damselfly imitations. You will find them over the weeds on the submerged channel banks and inside the trenches over the mud bottoms. The smaller browns seem to start out the morning, followed by a few cutthroat, and then the bigger rainbows move in big time! Copper Tiger Midges, Parallel Perch dark and light, Parallel Assassins dark and light, Assassins dark and light, Zebra Midges, Gillies dark and light are all number one flies for both Brigeport and Crowley Lake right now.

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