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Truckee River 

The water clarity on the Truckee River as of late has been really clear, making fish pretty spooky. Storms rolling in for the next few weeks will bring in some needed moisture and raise the river a few CFS while raising some turbidity as well. Otherwise, the fish are focused on small flies; sizes 18-20 and smaller if you dare. The trout have also transitioned into their slower winter water spots. This will be slower water with a bit more depth compared the beginning of the month. 

We find ourselves suggesting the use of indicators during the winter months, unless a hatch of blue winged olives comes out, then it’s dry fly fishing time! Indicators allow the anglers to lengthen drifts in slower water. The bottom is often more consistent in the slower reaches allowing a static depth to be effective.

With cloud cover we’re seeing some baetis action in the afternoons, but wait for these really fast paced storms to push through before expecting to see noses breaking the surface. 

Flies we suggest: Spanish Bullet, Quill Jig, Hot Spot, CDC Red Tag, Zebra Midge, Ready Baetis, Carot, The Ticket, Para Adams, Para Olive,Psycho May BWO, ID Thief

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