Upper Owens River Fishing Report

The Trout Fitter Staff

Report Date:


Flow Rates and Water Conditions:

Water Conditions: Good

Flows are at 94 cfs as of  2/27

Fishing Conditions and Hatches:  Fair-Good

I think it shows the trend I'm seeing, all the reports I'm getting from the guides are from the Lower Owens. The fishing seems to be back to schizophrenic, no consistency day to day and you still need to be covering water until you find the concentrations. Fishing for the winter spawning rainbows is tapering off but the spring spawners have moved up earlier than normal and now are pretty much scattered all the way throughout the public section. The primary fish moving up now is the Eagle Lake Rainbow, another strain that they are no longer stocking so the health of this run depends largely on us. The flows have been at 94 cfs for close to 3 weeks and the water has cleared but still a little murky below the Hot Creek confluences. With the improving hatches the fish are being more selective, early the fishing is scratchy and they're not as particular so throw a little of everything until you figure it out. Midday they are locking in on small (#18-22) mayfly and midge patterns. The spring spawners tend to be more aggressive so they are more susceptible to larger patterns including streamers. The road is still open and getting better but be careful on the side roads, walking the bank has gotten better and there's no serious weather anticipated for another week or so. Midday has been best but the migratory fish do most of their movement at night so the late afternoon can also be good. The midge hatches are strong, and the mayflies are showing up again so almost every back eddy has fish rising in the foam lines. Mayflies are small, #20-24. Both planters and lake fish are still on the move so try attractor patterns such as San Juan Worms, Prince Nymphs, Copper Johns, egg patterns and streamers. The water below the Hot Creek confluences will be 5-10 degrees warmer so if you get out early it might be best to start off closer to the bridge.

Recommended Flies:

DRIES: Stimulator #16-18 | Griffiths Gnat #20-24 | Para Adams #20-24 | Para Extended Body BWO #20-22

NYMPHS: Barr's Uncased Caddis #14-16 | Zebra Midge #18-22 | WD-40 black #18-24 | Prince Nymph #12-16 | Red Copper John #14-16 | San Juan Worm #12-14 |  Egg Patterns #12-16 | Pheasant Tail #18-22 | Tungsten Peacock #14-18 | Tungsten Jig Baetis #18-20

STREAMERS: Shock Collar Leech #10 | Woolly Bugger White, Olive & Brown #10-14

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