Flows Have Come up A LIttle

Doug Rodricks

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Flows have now come up a little. Good fishing here in the deeper sections, but don’t overlook any water just deep enough to hold a trout along the banks. Fish will move into these areas to feed during the warmer weather days and retreat back to the depths in the evenings. Water is still cold so they aren’t really chasing much. Look to the deepest pools and get your flies down, or vary the depth depending on where they are holding in the water column.

Best Flies: B100FB – 18, 20; Crystal Copper Tiger Midge -16; Crystal Zebra Midge – 16, 18; Punk Perch Light and Dark – 14, 16; Parallel Punk Perch Light and Dark; Crystal Leech – 12, 14, 16; Agent Orange 12, 14, 16; Parallel Agent Orange – 14, Spruce-a-bu Dark and Light, Eggs: Tangerine Red Flash, Dead Egg, Tangerine Opaque, Flamingo.

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