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Crooked River is going to be bad from today through May 4th as ODFW tries an experiment to move juvenile fish downstream. So the water is going to bump to 550 cfs from 330 cfs.
Speaking of 330 cfs, for as long as I can remember the normal summer flow has been 240 cfs. So why are they wasting 90 cubic feet per second? We are going to need all that water for the river next winter to protect our flows and our fish. This to me is unacceptable and I’ve twice asked the Bureau of Reclamation for an answer and they said “We have been working with subject matter experts on a response. We apologize for the inconvenience and do appreciate your patience while we gather the information requested”.

Not that 330 is bad for our fishing now, so by next tuesday if that is the new normal for summer that’s fine for fishing. We are about 2 weeks out from a massive Mothers Day Caddis hatch. Green and Tan Sparkle Pupa will be awesome early on! This week was terrific on black Zebra Midges, Rainbow Warriors and small baetis Micro Mayfly and 2 Bit Hooker patterns.

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