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I never got to the Met this week, but talking the guys in the shop I heard the Metolius was good (but challenging) for matching the hatch. It was better nymphing (especially Euro style) and overall was the typical pattern we see mid summer in July. I would venture to say (as a general statement) that July is the toughest summer month with the least going on compared to June, August and especially September on the Metolius. Still plenty of fish to be had. Upstream on the headwater section to about Gorge CG there are good hatches of Golden Stones, yellow sally, PMD and Caddis. We’ve been doing well fishing the banks with Clark’s Stones and Norm Woods Specials, also running those around the upper river log jams. Euro Nymphing has been very productive up there. 

From the Canyon down to about Candle Creek beyond the Fly Only Water at Bridge 99, there are good hatches of PMD’s, Caddis and Sally’s. There are also some BWO’s, mahogany duns, midges and a few larger stones that may become important on any given day. Nymphing with an indicator and a golden stone nymph with a dropper of a zebra midge or 2 bit hooker is highly recommended through here at this time. With the indicator rig you can cover some of the deeper runs and out farther from shore where you cant wade to get to the fish (at least I can’t). 

There has been good bull trout fishing in this stretch too. The fish are aggressive to a swung streamer, but plenty are being caught on nymphs too. If you target BT on nymphs a Red Lightning Bug or Red Ice Cream Cone is great as well as a Soft Hackle Bead Head Pheasant Tail.

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