Few More Callibaetis Hatching This Week

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East Lake is fair. Nice to see a few more Callibaetis hatching this week up there. The Beetle and Ant bite has been my best method.

Be patient with the chironomids. Move around. Look for about 15 to 18′ and try an all red blood worm for sure. Small Olive Ice Cream Cone, Red/Black Zebra, Summer Duck, Chrome ribbed Black are all possibilities. It’s not like a mayfly hatch or caddis emergence. Chironomids can be different every day and even change during the day or in different parts of the lake. 

Balanced Leeches are certainly worth a shot too under your indicator. 
Seems to me the damsel action is about over with likely most emergence behind us and some adults still flying.

I am guessing the lake is 2 to 4 feet low. Crazy. For my boat it is impossible to use the EL boat ramp, so I am using Cinder Hill with no problem.


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