Mainly Small Midge Patterns and Caddis Nymphs Working Best

Kens Sporting Goods Staff

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The East re-opened 3 or 4 days ago, along with all the other California State property in the area. The water is running about 73 cfs right now. The water is very off color, low visibility into the river right now, this is likely due to the algae and weeds in the Reservoir starting to die off and decay and then get blown through the dam and into the river. This usually takes a few weeks to clear up. Lately the water clarity hasn’t seemed to hurt the fishing much as anglers are still reporting decent catch rates down there. We haven’t heard much about dry flies lately, it’s been mainly small midge patterns and caddis nymphs still. Also haven’t heard much about streamers yet but it might be a good bet to try that out first thing in the morning. Copper johns, zebra midges, radiation baetis, top secret midges, rainbow warrior, silver streak, squirmy wormy, San Juan worm, buckskin caddis, Fox’s poopah, LaFontaines sparkle pupa have all been doing well down there.

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