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Hosmer Lake was pretty good last week for me and it was nice to see a lot of fish had returned to the Channel, including tons of nice brookies that for the most part ignored all we cast to them. Dirty dogs! Despite the snubbing from the Brookies the Cutthroat made up for it. And my client hooked a huge Rainbow on a Black Callibaetis during the 2 to 4 pm hatch we encountered a few days ago. 
Scuds, Red Chironomids, Callibaetis Nymphs, Waterboatman, Zebra Midges, Leeches and a few other secrets (I can be bribed) to use. 

Don’t forget in the fall that water boatman fly, so a floating boatman can be an important pattern on any given day for the foreseeable future. 

Here is a fly we don’t sell but you can tie that has worked very nicely on many occasions at Hosmer and other lakes. It is a fly I first picked up for our trip to the lakes in Tasmania about 4 years ago. Dry Fly Hook #14-18, Black 6/0 Thread, Coq de Leon or Wood Duck tail, Black Dry Fly Dubbing for the body and Black Hackle. No wing. Super easy and has been killer in the fall for me the last few years at Hosmer and Crane.

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