Nymphing is Good But the Fish are Educated

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The Fall River is a place where you’ll run into some winter like conditions on the roads and along the river banks. The snow is building up in the south county more than in the rest of our area. It’s elevation has a bit of snow pack.

BWO, Midges and some small black winter stoneflies are on the menu. All of these hatches can/should bring fish up to feed at the surface.

Nymphing is good but the fish are educated. It takes a great presentation to get many of these fish to open their mouth for a fly these days.

I appreciate ODFW’s efforts to stock nice trout in the Fall. As I understand it, they have moved to bringing in these fish (I guess most are brooders) from a hatchery in southern oregon. Frankly, I would rather see ODFW go back to how they did it when I was a kid, fishing the fall every chance I had, before work or after school (skipping class to go sometimes) and bring back the nice 10-14 incher’s and stock twice as many and make the river a better experience instead of a trophy experience. These brood fish don’t rise particularly well and seem to go off the bite way to much. That frustrates me a bit…how about you?

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