Crooked River is Fishing Really Well

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The Crooked River is fishing really well. Most days now are getting a strong emergence of afternoon Blue Wing Olives. Before the hatch nymph a Flashback PT or Skinny Nelson under a tiny yarn indicator. When the hatch happens the Klinkhammer and Film Critic ought to be your starting point until the fish start to eat more duns. At that time hit them with Sparkle Duns the BDE Dun. Knock Down Dun (Cripple) is another really good catcher!
Zebra Midges, Perdigons, Scuds, Ray Charles are hot nymphs.

Late Afternoon Midge hatches are best matched with Winklers, Century Drive Midges and Griffiths Gnats (BTW, our current G-Gnat selection has a hot pink post on top so you can see the damn thing. Now that I am in my 50’s I get it. Sorry it took me so long)

A reminder that we are offering a $350 guide trip special until 4/21/21 for 1 to 3 anglers on the Crooked and Fall River. Splitting $350 2 or 3 ways is really inexpensive for everyone, or splurging $350 on yourself is a heck of a way to get a lot of private instruction.

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