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The Metolius is good, with a really good mix of active hatches every day. Blue Wing Olive’s and Yellow May’s (cinygmula) are both hatching better in the afternoon. The BWO are #18-20 and the Yellow May is a #14-16. We’ve been matching the cinygmula with a Quill Body Sparkle Dun and Yellow Knock Down Dun. Soft Hackles are also a good choice.

There are a lot of caddis out, the pupa’s of all species will be more important than the adults on any given day, but our shop manager Brad had a really fine day here on a Cornfed and CDC Caddis working some eddy lines and conjuring the fish to rise with his offerings and good drift. We have another month of seeing October Caddis and the Silver Stripe Sedges. Big and orange! More and more smaller caddis like Bracycentrus and Glossosoma will be important at, or below the surface.

Golden Stone Nymphs are always important, 365 on the Metolius. Funny thing is this time of year we will see various and random stonefly hatches here and there. Probably never enough to get the fish keyed on an adult stone, but with the good numbers of October Caddis around I sometimes will prospect with a Clarks Stone and do double duty on trying to match these hatches. It doesn’t always pull fish to the top, but it a darn exciting when it does!

Nymph fishing, especially with Euro techniques is the best way to add numbers to your net. Streamer action for Bull Trout has been pretty good this week.

FINALLY, a friendly reminder that the river is closed from the Headwaters to Allingham bridge until May 22nd to protect the important spawning areas. Please be aware of where you are on the river and avoid fishing for spawning trout or wading on their redds.

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