Bridgeport Fish Report - March 28, 2021

Kens Sporting Goods Staff

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East Walker River

The East Walker on the California side will re-open on April 24, 2021. If you are not happy with the recent regulation changes I would urge you to contact the Fish and Game Commission and let them know how you feel. I recently wrote the Commission as well as the Governor, hopefully we can get through to them just how devastating the new regulations are, especially doubling the limit during the regular season and allowing barbed hooks during the regular season. 

Governor Newsome contact:

Fish and Game Commission email:

The Nevada side of the EW is fishing pretty well lately, we’ve had some good reports from the Rosachi section this past week, haven’t heard anything about the Elbow section though. Most of the anglers we’ve spoken with have had their best success from about 10am to around 3 pm lately. There has been some good fish up to nearly 20 inches being caught. Most of the action has been with nymphs though we have had a couple decent dry/dropper rig reports as well. Patterns to try on the Rosachi include: Pat’s rubberleg, biot epoxy stone, micro stone, zebra midge, rainbow warrior, soft hackle, chubby Chernobyl, stimulator. 

Sceirine Ranch

The ranch is still fishing pretty well, like the Rosachi the best time seems to be mid-day. The river is running about 61 cfs right now. With the California side being closed now we’re getting quite a few reservations for the Sceirine so if you want to book some time down there try to call as much ahead as you can. The same fly patterns that are listed above will work on the Sceirine also work on the Sceirine.

Hunewill Pond

Too Cold to fish the pond this time of the year!

Bridgeport Reservoir

Fishing season opens April 24, 2021!

Kirman Lake

Fishing season opens April 24, 2021!

Twin Lakes

Fishing season opens April 24, 2021!

West Walker River

We haven’t heard any news from the West lately, as the weather warms up hopefully the fishing up there will warm up as well!

Virginia Lakes

Fishing season opens April 24, 2021!

Random Information

I’ve had a couple people mention they were struggling with what to write to the Fish and Game Commission in regards to the East Walker regulation changes, here’s a copy of the letter I sent to Rep. Obernolte for reference, it might help get you started if you’re interested in writing. I sent this one to Rep. Obernolte in hopes he might look into it and perhaps become interested in helping out. 

 Representative Obernolte,
I'm writing in regards to the fishing regulation changes the Department of Fish and Wildlife implemented on March 1, 2021. I don't know if you are aware of the sweeping changes that took place in the Eastern Sierra  this month but some of the changes they have made I believe will be devastating to certain waters in Mono County. In particular the East Walker River which flows out of Bridgeport Reservoir, North into Nevada.

The East Walker has always been maintained as a Blue Ribbon Trout Stream, prior to March 1 the special regulations on the East Walker were, in a nutshell, artificial flies or lures only, barbless hooks, 1 fish limit 18" minimum during the regular season (the last Saturday in April through Nov. 15) and during the "Winter" season, artificial flies or lures only, barbless hooks, 0 fish limit.

The new regulations changed to no fishing at all during the "Winter" Season and during the regular season they have doubled the limit to 2 fish, 18" minimum and removed the barbless hook restriction, it's still artificial only but there is no barbless hook requirement.

The East Walker has been barbless for decades, I've been fishing there since the early 70's and I don't remember a time when you were allowed to fish with barbed hooks. I believe this change will be devastating to the fish population on the East Walker and the mortality will increase ten-fold if not more once people start trying to release smaller fish with barbed hooks.

I have written the CDFW as well as the Governor and was told by the CDFW that the decision to change the regulations on the East Walker were made to protect the fish during the spawning season, which is in the Fall for the browns when the water is lower. This doesn't seem to make sense to me as the spawn is typically over before November 15 when the regular season closes, plus, if their objective is to protect the fish/fishery, why double the limit and eliminate the barbless hook requirement? It really doesn't make sense to me.

Many years ago there was no fishing allowed on the East Walker during the Winter, around 15 years ago they opened it up to catch and release fishing in the Winter and there has not been any adverse affects to the fish population since then. The Nevada side of the East Walker has been open to Winter fishing for many decades also with no negative impact.

Well, all that being said, I don't know if any of this is in your wheelhouse or not but I thought you might be able to check into the subject if you feel it's worthy of investigation. I feel like the CDFW and the Governors Office probably don't really care what I have to say but they might be a bit more inclined to listen to someone in your position. 

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