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The Lower Deschutes is open in the Maupin area and fishing is very good. Between indicator styles and euro nymphing there is something for everyone. Stonefly nymphs are fishing really well now, and will be for the rest fo the month until the hatch starts in early to mid-May.

There is a March Brown hatch (#12-14) mixed with BWO (#18) and quite a few caddis (#14-18). Nymphs, emergers and adults are important for all of those. Caddis Pupa, Perdigons and Red Copper Johns are my favorite Spring Deschutes flies but everyone has their own confidence flies!

In 18 days (4/22/21) the rest of the Lower D will open access to Warm Springs, Mecca, Trout Creek and South Jct.
We are excited for that and for getting the drift boat down the WS to Trout Creek float. I love that pre-salmonfly hatch time on the Deschutes. The fishing is good and the crowds are not around quite yet. It might be my favorite time to fish the Lower for trout.

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