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OR Department of Fish & Wildlife Staff

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The Metolius is fishing pretty good with a mix of hatch activity and better nymphing opportunities.

All the same stuff I’ve reported over the last recent reports, including BWO’s #18-20, Cinygmula #14-16, March Browns #14, a large mix of caddis from big orange’s that go #8 to 12, tan and grey caddis from #12-18.

Had a good report today of fish eating Golden Stone nymphs hard! That is not unexpected but a good reenforcement and reminder of how important that bug is to the river.
Streamer fishing is good for Bulls, but I will say over the last week I know of a lot more Bulls that were taken on a nymph and indicator rig.

Today a friend of mine caught 2 spin fisherman rigging up in the fly fishing only section. He politely asked them to leave to find other water, and they argued they just wanted to try for one fish. Then the dad came and argued that since we’ve all been through so much over the last year wouldn’t it be ok for the boys to fish there any way they chose?
Are you kidding me? Laws are laws, for all of us.

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