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The East Walker on the California side will re-open on April 24, 2021. If you are not happy with the recent regulation changes I would urge you to contact the Fish and Game Commission and let them know how you feel. I recently wrote the Commission as well as the Governor, hopefully we can get through to them just how devastating the new regulations are, especially doubling the limit during the regular season and allowing barbed hooks during the regular season. 

Governor Newsome contact:

Fish and Game Commission email:

The Nevada side is still hitting pretty good with stonefly nymphs as well as small midge patterns and still some dry/dropper rigs. Still haven’t heard anything about streamers but I think they should start taking some dead drift crayfish or sculpzilla type patterns soon. Some other patterns to try: rainbow warrior,  dark lord, soft hackle, psycho prince, chubby Chernobyl and San Juan worms. 

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