East Walker River Has Been Bumping up and Down in Flows

Kens Sporting Goods Staff

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The East is running about 40 cfs right now, it’s been bumping up and down a bit this past week but mostly just 5 or 10 cfs at a time so it hasn’t really affected the fishing at all. There is still some good nymphing action to be had down there with small midge patterns and we’ve had a couple decent streamer reports as well. Not much dry action that we’ve heard of but hopefully with the lower flows that will come on when the caddis start hatching. Most anglers that we’ve been talking to have been getting into anywhere from 3 to 8 or 9 fish per day though there are always some reports from anglers who haven’t done that well. I find that for these fishing reports it’s best to focus on the successful anglers and what they were using to catch fish so as to help other anglers narrow down what patterns and techniques will give them the best chance at having a successful day. Here are a few patterns to try: dead drift crayfish, dali lama, moal leech, zuddler, sculpzilla, zebra midge, flashback emerger, psycho prince, darth baetis, rainbow warrior, silver streak, squirmy wormy, san juan worm.

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