East Walker River Fishing Report

The Trout Fitter Staff

Report Date:


Water Conditions:  Fair

Flows are up to 100 cfs as of 5/21

Fishing conditions and Hatches: Good

Yes, the fishing is good BUT: 

Flows have come up considerably but still 50% of normal but that combined with cooler temperatures should improve the fishing. But this will be the 2nd year with limited stocking of fingerlings and a computer programing glitch which removed "barbless" from regulations on any body of water that is stocked, no matter how limited it may be. 

SO, it is up to us to protect this fishery, or we can be more concerned with ego gratifying pictures and videos and watch the death spiral of a once great fishery. If you must take pictures keep the fish in the water at all times and debarb your hooks. 

Water temperatures should be good for a while but still take a thermometer and take temperature readings frequently. Once the water gets above mid 60's it might be time to head elsewhere or at the very least be very aware of how the fish are recovering and land fish as quickly as possible. Better to break off a fish than exhaust it beyond recovery. 

Okay back to the fishing. Now that the flows have come up and stabilized the fishing should pick back up. Very important to keep track of the flows. Under 40 cfs the fish get much spookier and skittish making for very tough fishing. Midges and caddis in the morning with caddis and Baetis midday, there are some Tricos in the early morning but not sure if that will last since they're 3 months early.  The hatches are getting stronger but still not much activity on the surface. Streamers have also been effective. The water is a bit murky but it will vary a lot with the wind we're having. Fishing had been better early but with the colder temperatures that may change. With the increase in flows the fish have been moving into the shallower water.

 DRIES:   | Mother Shucker #22-24 | E/C Caddis #14-18 | Banshee Caddis #16-18 | Sparkle Flag Black #20-22 | Chernobyl Ant #6-10 | Chernobyl  org/grz  #6-8 

NYMPHS: Prince Nymph #12-16| Dead Drift Crayfish #8 | Bottom Roller Psycho #10-12 | Copper Zebra #16-22 | T's Stone Drummond Light #8-10 | JuJu Baetis #22-24 |  Glass Bead Micro May Olive #22-24 | S&M Nymph #20-22  | Tungsten Jig Baetis #16-20 | TTS Opal B/L #14-18

STREAMERS: Meat Whistle | Sculpzilla | Hornberg #10-14 | Belly Scratcher Minnow Chub #2 | Bank Robber Sculpin #2 | Punk Perch Light #10-14

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