The Upper Deschutes Just Opened Up Last Weekend!

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The Upper Deschutes just opened up last weekend and we’re super excited. There could still be a few straggling spawners so look out for the redds. There has been word of a few green drake hatches alongside blue wing olives and midges. Dry dropper fishing with a chubby or terrestrial pattern can be great. For nymphs, try out baetis nymphs, midge pupa, small caddis pupa and small stone flies. The brookies love hanging out around the undercut banks. Drifting a nymph rig past the undercut can be quite effective but small streamers are often the easiest to get under the bank. We have so many awesome days on the upper to look forward to.


Suggested Dries:  Last Chance Green Drake #10-12, Carnage Drake #10-14, Double Decker Green Drake #10-12, X-Stimulator #12, Black or Tan Elk Hair Caddis #14-18, Black or Tan Foam Caddis #14-18, Purple Haze #14-18, Tilt Wing PMD #14-18, Parachute PMD #14-18, Black Stimulator #14-16, Parachute Adams #14-18, CDC Flying Ant #14-16, Black or Cinnamon Foam Ant #14-16, Hackle Stacker Baetis #16-20, Parachute Baetis #16-20.

Suggested Nymphs: Red or Black Copper John #14-18, Red or Black Lightning Bug #14-18, Red or Black Two Bit Hooker #16-20, Guide’s Choice Hare’s Ear #14-18, FB Pheasant Tail #14-18, Micro Mayfly #16-20, Pearl or Red Rainbow Warrior #16-20.

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