Interesting News From Kirman Lake This Week

Kens Sporting Goods Staff

Report Date:

Well, we have some interesting news from Kirman this week! Last Sunday a friend of ours and a couple of his fishing buddies made the hike up there and worked the pond over pretty hard, they were able to catch 3 fish, 2 cutthroat and 1 brookie! They caught them with leeches and midges under an indicator. I know this doesn’t sound like a great day on the water but it’s actually the best report we’ve had from Kirman for a couple years! All of the fish were in the 17 or 18 inch range, nice healthy fish! On a side note, this same friend was traveling by on his way to Bridgeport later in the week and noticed a stock truck near the corrals that lead to Kirman, he stopped to talk to the CDFW employee and was told that she just stocked a load of 6 to 12 inch brookies in Kirman! Wow, we hadn’t even heard anything from Fish and Wildlife that they were going to be putting fish in there this year! This is really great news, hopefully they will keep up with the planting and Kirman might someday return to its former glory! Keep your fingers crossed!  


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