A Red Hippie Stomper with a Callibaetis nymph is a killer combo

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Our guide Eric guided Three Creeks this morning. So let’s start there, and say be careful of water temps. You can see the water get to 70-71 at the surface in the afternoon. Fish early or late to avoid that danger to the trout. On tuesday my clients landed a lot of fish from 2 PM to Dark. Water temps stayed nice with a good breeze blowing (more on that in a moment). A Red Hippie Stomper with a Callibaetis nymph is a killer combo. A customer Eric was catching fish after fish on a callibaetis nymph with a slow strip out of his pontoon boat. A treat to watch fish after fish come to the net he just bought at the FFP earlier that day. To say he put on a clinic is an understatement.

Tons of Callibaetis Spinners in the late afternoon. We actually found the emergence of new duns quietly happening as the spinners hovered furiously over the water in the thousands! In the late evening as the sun goes over the ridge the black Caddis become the important hatch. Besides Black adult caddis and emergers (X Caddis) the soft hackles (purple is my favorite but orange is good too) stripped slowly is good. This morning Eric found the Red Stomper to be the fly of the day too and had very good fishing. Our guide Ben turned me on to that a few summers ago, and it works.

Hard on a hot saturday summer day to avoid the floaty, splash & giggle crowds. Go early morning, or late afternoons, or go on a weekday to get away from that. Today there was no choice, Eric had 2 guys who’s wives were enjoying the Quilt Show in Sisters today so the dudes went to fish and loved it regardless of skinny dippers.


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