The Twin Lakes have been fishing well

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The Twin Lakes have been fishing well. Fish should be more comfortable in shallow waters given the recent cooler temperatures. Dry fly action has been decent, mainly with callibaetis and terrestrials. Dropping callibaetis nymphs or a dark assassin off of a buoyant terrestrial pattern can be a super effective tactic in water that’s 4 - 8 feet deep. Nymphs for the shallow areas are damsels, callibaetis, and assassins. Callibaetis and damselfly nymphs can work well with an intermediate line and a slow retrieve. In deep water, balanced leeches, chironomids, assassins, and midges can produce fish. Streamers and leeches on a sinking line are a great way to find an aggressive take. Our lakes are seeing much-needed relief from the heat this week. The forecast shows a good amount of days with average or below-average temperatures, which will continue to improve the conditions.

Suggested Flies: Bird’s Nest Hare’s Ear #14-18, Dark Assassin #14-18, Bird’s Nest Or Black Depth Charge #14-18, Red or Black Zebra Midge #16-18, Black or Red Chironocone #14-18, Poxyback Callibaetis #16-18, Feather Duster Callibaetis #16-18, Flashback PT #14-18, Red or Black Yankee Buzzer #14,  Bruised Balanced Leech #10-14, Ruby Leech #10-12, Black Wooly Bugger #10-12, Olive Wooly Bugger #10-12, Black or Rust Slump Buster #10-12, Thin Mint #10-12, Olive or Black BH Mini Leech #12, Balanced Damsel #14, Dainty Damsel #14, Scotts Damsel #14


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