San Joaquin River Report

The Trout Fitter Staff

Report Date:

Flow Rates And Water Condition:

Flows are at 5 cfs as of 8/26

Fishing conditions and Hatches:

Fishing conditions and Hatches: Poor-fair, long hikes can get it up to Good

Nothing really new to add just that with nobody down there you can cherry pick your spots.

Very few people are heading down there with the flows this low. Bad news is the flows are very low, good news is that the flyfishing crowds have disappeared so if trophy trout or easy numbers are what you're after go elsewhere, but if escaping the crowds in a beautiful setting is what you're after head on down. Lowering flows and heavy pressure mean it's time to start hiking. Anything close to the campgrounds has been hit hard and without fish being stocked the results are inevitable. First thing in the morning it's midges and caddis size #18-24. Around 10 some PMD's #16-18 start emerging sporadically. Fishing has been best between 9 and 1. It's best to keep moving as there aren't a lot of concentrations of fish.

Recommended Flies

Dries: Elk Hair Caddis #12-18 | Para Caddis #14-20 | Sparkle Flag PMD #16-18 | Lawsons Thorax PMD #16-18 | CDC Flavilenea Dun #12-16 | Tan Stimulators #14-16

Nymphs: B/H Flash Back Pheasant Tail #14-18 | Tungsten Black Beauty #20-22 | Nori's Caddis #18-22 | B/H Prince #10-20 | Hogan's S and M Nymph #18-22 | Iron Sally #14-16

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