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Paulina Lake Campground is closed but the Boat Ramps there and at Little Crater remain open. The bathrooms at PL CG are closed. That is stupid. Where does the USFS think people are going to use the bathroom if they lock them up on the 1st of October? C’mon USFS, there is a MONTH OF FISHING SEASON LEFT. That is apathetic and lazy and shows the public doesn’t matter to you. (Can you tell I am mad? I am). Fishing is good. Stripping Leeches on Sinking Lines this week was my #1, but we rose a bunch of fish on Beetles yesterday and I know our guide Tonn did too the day before. My favorite Watermelon Leech under an indicator accounted for some fish to the net yesterday as well. Lately a hot headed leech has been the ticket, but yesterday they shied away from any leech with a hot bead and ate the subdued colors.


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