The Crooked River is still running steady at 51 cfs

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The Crooked River is still running steady at 51 cfs. and that isn’t too bad. Of course we’d love to see it a little higher, but the fish are doing well at this flow. 

Hatches of mayflies are dwindling for the most part, but a later afternoon midge hatch and a light mix of BWO is possible. Midges need to be imitated in all stages from drifting pupa, emerging pupa, adult and possibly even crippled emergers. 7X is a darn good idea for a better drift and fooling more fish. 

Scuds, Zebra Midges, Micro May #18-20 Dark Olive and Black and Perdigons are all super. Eggs are mission critical now as the whitefish spawn is in full swing

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