The Crooked is fishing pretty well

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The Crooked is fishing pretty well. To me, expectations are seeing low water, water slightly off color due to the low water up in the reservoir and the churn of silt that is coming out of the dam. Water temps are not super cold yet, as they can be in December and January. We will keep on that and let you know if the river starts to ice up, but now its a go for sure.

Fish seem to be keyed nicely on whitefish eggs, zebra midges, thread midges and small perdigons.
While I intend to fish there tomorrow, it has been a while since I was on the Crooked last, and no one I’ve spoken to in the last month has said they’ve seen any fish rising to anything of substance. Plan on it being a nymph show.

Look for euro opportunities and be prepared for using a NZ Wool indicator 3 to 5 feet above the nymph(s).

A friend of mine who shall remain un named to protect his identity, realized after he got home he missed fish because his indicator was too far up his leader. That distance is very important, and what the indicator is made of make a huge difference too. I am 100% telling you the NZ Wool indicator is so much better for this type of fishing than any other indicator, that you are probably missing fish if you aren’t using this style of indy.

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