Leeches have been working very well on the Fall River

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Fall River is fishing well too, but do expect a lot more snow in the south county area. Access to the Hatchery is good. The Campground and Headwaters will take a little more work, both parking and trudging through the snow to and around the river. I do not think you can get to the Tubes/Falls at this time.

BWO’s, Midges and Little Black Stones are the main hatches, so again think bottom to top. Midge nymphs, emergers and dries, BWO nymphs, emergers and dries, and those little black stones will be on the surface primarily.

Leeches have been working very well on the Fall River. Besides leeches, try some other small streamers including small sculpins and euro streamers.

Euro Nymphs are the way to approach the nymph game there. Perdigons, Walt’s Worms, Zebra Midges and Eggs are favorites.

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