The Middle Deschutes is on the upswing

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The Middle Deschutes is on the upswing. Keep in mind for another month the water remains high until irrigation withdrawals regulate that flow from Bend down to Lake Billy Chinook. That means be careful wading, and watch for stronger flows than you might be used to at this time. Fish the edges and choose your water wisely. There are many safe places to access the water and we recommend a wading staff, especially around Borden Beck Park with the all the marshy areas you have to navigate to get to the river.
We usually start to see the 1st March Browns sputtering to a seasonal start about now. By the end of the month and into April is the prime for this wonderful hatch.
Blue Wing Olives can often be hatching just before the March Browns extending the dry fly time you may see on any given outing.
It is entirely possible to expect a Skawla stonefly hatch over the next 2 or 3 weeks. If skittering a foam stonefly dry #10 doesn’t make your heart beat faster that we can’t be friends. (wink)
Nymphs and Streamers will be super productive now and be getting better and better with longer and warmer days ahead.


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