The Little Truckee has seen some great flows over the last few weeks

Trout Creek Outfitters

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The Little Truckee has seen some great flows over the last few weeks and the fish are responding positively. However, with a mix of high water and late season storms, we have not seen great dry fly fishing out here yet.  Using a Euro Nymph set up can be a great way to get into fish, as long as the wind allows. If using an indicator, we recommend using white or clear ‘thingamabobbers’, airlocks or yarnies to prevent spooking fish. Dry droppers with a heavy nymph and a long drop (3’-5’) can be another great way to present to these educated fish right now. Keep in mind that even though this is small water and you wont need as much weight as the Truckee, the runs here are short and using heavy nymphs to get down quick will help tremendously.

The fly selection our here on the LT will be similar to the Truckee and flies imitating march browns, caddis, worms, eggs, BWO’s and midges will all work but usually it helps to go down a size or two and drop down your tippet diameter to 5x-6x for best results.

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