It’s probably time to let the East rest for a bit

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Well, unfortunately it’s gotten to be that time of the year again, with the low flows on the river and the increasing temperatures it’s probably time to let the East rest for a bit. We were kind of hanging in there for a while with night time temperatures mostly in the 40’s but lately those temps have increased and are mostly in the 50’s or even higher. This has not helped keep the river temps lower so for the sake of the fish it’s better to lay off the East Walker for awhile, likely at least until the first couple weeks of September. If we start getting some good rains or some kind of weather shift that will lower the temperatures we’ll let you know.
If you haven’t already please check out the Random information section below and read about the petition I’ve started to try to get the East Walker River regulations changed to catch and release, if you are in agreement with this idea please sign the petition and share it to anyone you might think would also like to see this change, in just a few days we already have over 600 signatures so hopefully that number will keep increasing. There’s a link below that will take you straight to the petition on

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