3 Creeks Lake will be a winner this week for sure

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3 Creeks Lake will be a winner this week for sure. But keep in mind there are many other mountain lakes like that around, so a map and some planning can find you lakes that may not have quite the pressure you’d find at this wonderful little spot. Any lake around or above 6000 feet, that has a snowmelt stream inlet is a winner. Todd Lake and Devils Lake for our Bend readers offer similar float tube/pontoon boat type fishing as 3 Creek Lake. I’m not trying to get anyone to not go to 3 Creeks as much as I’m offering ideas to broaden your lakes you might want to try this summer.
Last week at 3 Creeks it was a pleasure to run into JB as he was taking out. JB, The PT nymph under an indicator or stripped on a Camo Sink line is a good one! We’ve found other Callibaeits nymphs are great too. Balanced Leeches continue to be excellent, especially the hot orange bead with the black body and tail this season.
Hatches are mainly going to include Callibaetis, and make sure you are prepared with ALL STAGES including the nymphs, the emergers, duns and spinners. Small #16-18 Black Caddis typically dominate the evening rise and a Black X Caddis is our go to there.


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