Dry fly fishing is the ticket to success

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Water Conditions

Flows are around 55 CFS on the Little Truckee River. With the water releasing from the bottom of Stampede reservoir into this river, water temperatures are cold enough for the fish here. Clarity is clear and the best section to fish on the Little Truckee River is between Stampede and Boca.

FLOWS: Between Boca and Stampede 52 CFS

Tips for the Week

With the low flows on the Little Truckee right now, dry fly fishing is the ticket to success. Anglers should use light, 6x tippets and longer 12 foot leaders to fool the picky, educated trout of the LT. Anglers can also try a dry hopper dropper combo with a one foot drop if they would like. Anglers should avoid nymphing in most areas on the Little Truckee right now. The low flows will most likely cause the line to snag on the bottom.

Suggested Flies

Cutter E/C Caddis, Green Rock Worms, Hares Ears, Dark Lords, or Yellow Elk Hair Caddis, all in Size 16


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