With temps returning to normal this weekend we will see the river continue to warm,

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With temps returning to normal this weekend we will see the river continue to warm, and with the flow on the gage just under 160 CFS, the river will definitely be above 70 degrees on the Delta gage. We strongly suggest you bring a thermometer, and if not, fish above Simms. The water is extremely clear and the fish are eating smaller black offerings. Both red and black Zebra Midges in #18 - 20 are always a good idea along with your favorite Baetis nymph like a black Micro May, Two Bit Hooker, or any of the dark Perdigon patterns. You will continue to see Yellow Sallies and the smaller Golden Stones, so a dry-dropper setup with a size 10 tan, gold or brown Chubby Chernobyl would be a good choice. Be ready with your Caddis patterns when the sun comes off of the water and the fish begin looking up.

Upper Sacramento Flows at Delta

Hot Flies: 
Dry Flies:
D&D Cripple - March Brown
Low Water Baetis - #18
Adams - #12-20
Mercer's Missing Link - Dark #14-16
Parachute Adams - #14-18

Nymphs/Wet Flies:
Mercer's Tungsten October Pupa
Morrish October Pupa
Skip's TB October Caddis
CB Birds Nest - #10-14
Red Copper John - #16-18
Zebra Midge - #18-20
Mercury Black Beauty
Mercer's Glass Bead Micro May - #22
Mercer's GB Dark Stone - #8
Mercer's Dark Stone - #6
Pat's Rubber Legs - Brown #6-8
GB Birds Nest - #12-14
Gordon's Amber Wing Prince - #12-18
Swink's BTS
Mercer's CB Micro Mayfly - #14-16

Streamers & Leeches:
Sheila Sculpin
Woolly Buggers
Muddler Minnows - #10


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