There are some great opportunities to fish below the Island Rd bridge

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The grass will continue to pile up on the bridges making passage difficult at times. The Island Rd bridge by the Caltrout access continues to be open enough for now. There are some great opportunities to fish below the Island Rd bridge, though, so if you find you can't make it under, you can always go downstream. After tomorrow we are looking at significant cooling in the north state and look forward to improving conditions overall. Fishing is very good during a small window of opportunity. Callibaetis, Trico and some PMD spinners are what to expect in the mornings followed by the hatches during mid day. The Water Boatmen are super abundant this year, fish your favorite pattern like Tim's or Theo's Boatman with an I-Line and swing them in the deeper holes on the river when you aren't chasing heads. Scuds, leeches and damsel leech patterns can also be your friend this time of year. Towards evening get ready for the Caddis.

Hot Flies:  TB Drowned Rusty Spinner, PMD's, Norman's Wiggletails, Pheasant Tails, Mercer's Missing Link, Zug Bugs, and Leeches.

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