The report is the river is green and continuing to clear

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The report is the river is green and continuing to clear. Some October Caddis have begun to come off and the bulk of the hatch will be happening in the coming weeks. Darker patterns continue to be the best options. Fish Rubberlegs, highstick them in water deep enough to hold fish. Try any small, dark flies and you will get fish to eat. For the Octobers, dead drift or swing pupa patterns like Mercer's TB October Pupa. If you are using Rubberlegs, let it swing on the end of the drift. Carry a bunch of Stimulators in case you get lucky and have fish eating dries. It is getting to be that time! PG&E and the Forest Service will be working on the road down to Ash Camp to fix the slide. They are not permitting pedestrian traffic through the slide area. If you want to get to Ash Camp, you can hike up from Ah-Di-Na or come over from Fenders Ferry.

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