The Crooked River is back open to fishing

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The Crooked River is back open to fishing. The flows are sitting right around 50cfs. We spoke with a local ODFW biologist this morning who sampled the river last week. He reported good numbers of trout and whitefish in the 12-14” range. He also noted there were some larger fish around, but that they were skinny, likely due to insufficient food during the low flows. They did not see any fish in the 20-24” range as they did last fall. They found a few small crappie in their samples as well and if anglers catch crappie or smallmouth bass in the river, please remove them and report it to ODFW. It's going to take some time for the fish in the Crooked to recover and although it is open to fishing, I would opt to give the fish a break and fish other open waters if I had the option. 

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