The past week on the upper continued to be very

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The past week on the upper continued to be very, very good. Not as many salmon are around spawning, but you can still pick some steelies up fishing an egg pattern. Black Rubberlegs and a red Copper John, or a Duracell have been top producers. Seriously, you shouldn't worry too much about what you are dropping below the Rubberlegs. The middle sections are fishing well too. The middle is great swing water. Brett's Klamath Intruder in olive and burnt orange is a killer pattern if you are not swinging a Copper Beaded Assassin. We are at or near peak steelhead escapement on the upper!

With the last storm behind us, now is a good time for the public service announcement to check the weather and roads before your trip. Interstate 5 can become a skating rink quickly. Best to pack chains in the whip if there is a hint of precipitation in the forecast.

Hot Flies: 
Clown Egg
M.C. Redd Reaper - Champagne
Micro Spawn - Shrimp Pink or Salmon Egg
Boles Bazookas

Pat's Rubberlegs - #4-8
3-D Nymphs - #8-10
Red Copper Johns - #14-18
Gordon's Amber Wing Prince - #14-18
Articulated Marabou Leech

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