The Euronymph River is fishing very well

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The Euronymph River is fishing very well. All stretches are in good shape. Rubberlegs and Olive Hotspots, Black Perdigons, and in slower water sculpin patterns being the top producers. The fish will be in pockets, check the water up in Pit 3 as they have not seen many hooks in a while. Watch the flows, they dropped the releases from Lake Britton to nearly zero briefly, this can put the damper on the bite. The For now, the main bugs to throw are Amberwing Prince Nymphs, UV Sallies, the red Hollopoint, black Perdigon, and any of the Jigged Bird's Nests. If you want to rope a bunch of Rainbows, the Pit is giving them up right now!
As always, the flows on the Pit can and will change without notice, so definitely check before you go! And be prepared to get out when the river begins to rise.

Here are some useful links to monitor the flows:

Pit 3 - Below Pit 3 Dam
Pit 5 - Through Big Bend

Hot Flies:  Dry Flies:
Stimulator - Orange
Foam October Caddis
Potter's October Caddis
Mercer's Skating October Caddis
Chernobyl Ant
Fat Albert
Adams - #14-18
Elk Hair Caddis - Tan #12-16
Mayfly Cripples - #12-16

Nymphs/Wet Flies:
Mercer's Tungsten October Pupa
Morrish October Pupa
Skip’s TB October Caddis
Black A.P. - #12
Dark Lords - #12-16
Flashback Pheasant Tail - #14-16
Beaded Zebra Midge - #18
BH Hellgrammite - #6
Mercer's Poxyback Dark Stone - #6
GB Black A.P. - #10-12
CB Micro Mayflies - #14-18
Red Copper Johns - #16-18
Pat's Brown Rubberleg - #6-8
Gordon's Amber Wing Prince - #14-18
GB Bird's Nest - #10-16

Streamers & Leeches:
Zack's Swimming Leech - #8

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for Friday, November 18th, 2022


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