Expecting a serious uptick in the fishing starting this weekend with the shift in weather

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Pyramid has seen some slow days over the last few weeks, but we expect a serious uptick in the fishing starting this weekend with the shift in weather. Fishing has seemed to be best along the southern beaches this week, but we are firm believers that there’s no clear pattern in this regard and if you’re not getting fish or just not feeling your pick, then move. Last week we moved 3 times before we found some good fishing, and while it still wasn’t great, making a move saved the day and everyone found fish. The best bite has been on balanced leeches fished at 9-12 feet, but when you begin to get cross-eyed from staring at a boober for too long, it sure is nice mixing it up with a full sink line and buggers, beetles or boobies. The sinking line has also been more effective winds cause your indicator to drift around too fast or during low light hours.

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