Trout on the lake are in the top twenty feet of water

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Trout on the lake are in the top twenty feet of water. Best locations to go after them is around the dam or Bridge Bay. They are eating shad, so the Float N' Fly in shad should be a good pattern to use. A lot of rainbows are still coming to anglers in the Centimudi area. Bass are super shallow now as well, they are eating crayfish and shad, again the shad Float N' Fly fished 5 - 15' is a good option. For the crayfish, use a sinking line and a rootbeer Grim Reaper bounced right on the bottom. Let 'er sink! With new storms, the freshets will produce some good inflows to the lake and the fish will congregate in these areas and can be productive all day. The topwater bite is a ways off, and we need to see what's up with the storms on the horizon, but the lake should fish really well this spring!

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